body treatments

Firming Neck and Decollete Treatment: 45min $60

Aging does not stop at the face, so why should your treatments? The result oriented treatment combined the most innovative ingredients available in the industry today to erase wrinkles, correct pigmentation and tighten loose skin. The Firming Neck and Decollete Treatment leaves skin plumped, radiant and ready for a daring neckline.

Signature Firming Neck and Decollete: 40min $120

This clinical treatment targets the following: pigmentation, wrinkles and lax skin on the neck and decollete. This result-oriented treatment combines the most innovative ingredients to erase wrinkles, pigmentation and tighten loose skin, leaving skin tightened, toned and ready for that daring neckline. 

Purifying Back Treatment: 60min $80

Breakouts are not limited to the skin on your face. This clinical treatment combines fruit enzymes, beta hydoxy acids and powerful anti-inflammatory botanicals to eliminate stubborn and often embarrassing back acne. This clinical treatment combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation with antibacterial salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory botanicals to heal breakouts on the back.

Hands Rejuvenation Treatment 

Chemical Peel $70

Over the years as our hands are exposed to the weather, sun damage, hard work and toxins, skin can get rough; as we age, our hands look like they are older then we are. We may notice rough patches of the skin, discolorations, age spots, and uneven texture and wrinkles. But fortunately, at Deep Nature Esthetics we can solve your problem and improve the appearance of the skin in your hands. A chemical peel can do wonders for your hands, not just for your face.

A chemical peel is considered a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve surgery. Referred to as a dermal peeling, it involves using a mixture of chemicals that are applied to your hands. Whether your skin on your hands has been damaged over the years, has spots or wrinkles, a chemical peel will remove the upper layer of affected skin to reveal a healthier layer of skin.

Other treatments that can be done on your hands are the following:

LED Light Therapies, Microneedling, Microdermabrasion (Price Varies)

Eye Treatment: 30min $30

Add it on any facial treatment for $15.

This treatment will help reduce dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. We start by cleaning the eye area with a soothing cleanser, then we apply a cold compress, made of Organic Cucumber and Organic Green Tea, and leave for 10 minutes.

Cucumber contains antioxidants which are thought to reduce irritation, while the cooling effect reduces swelling, while green tea contains caffeine, it helps reduce puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels. Green Tea works on dark circles by decreasing the dilation of blood vessels under the eyes. Then we apply an advanced eye cream powered with retinol, peptides and hylacell technology. It will help lift, firm and plump the skin around the eyes, as well help reduce dark circles and wrinkles. We then start our massage with an ultrasound machine that will help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, as well tighten the skin and boost elasticity.

Cupping Therapy for Cellulite and Fat Reduction: $95 (Time Varies)

When fat causes cellulite over time, it can harden the form of lumps beneath the skin, and is unable to removed by massage. This treatment helps promote weigh loss and full body toning by stimulating accupoints and running them along the lympathic lines. These special accupoints provide your circulatory system with the energy required to metabolize body fat, including the fat in your problem areas and the fat around your internal organs.